From our several years of flight training experience, we have designed our training programs in such a way that a student is able to keep track of his/her progress training. Hence, our program is carried out it four stages.
1. Application for Aviation Reference Number (ARN) which is to be filled by each
applicant. This number would be the same as the license number once its issued
2. Pass at least a CASA Class 2 medical exam (DGCA & CASA)
3. Student will take admission in India and start ground classes for DGCA composite
and Regulations Exam (with Pioneer Flying Academy Private Limited) while
waiting for Australian visa.
4. Obtain police verification, SPL, FRTOL & IELTS in India
5. Pass the DGCA theory exams prior to leaving for Australia (approx. 3 months).
Ø Stage Two: Ground school (350Hrs Ground school + Online self-study)
The ground school will cover subjects from basic aeronautical knowledge to seven
Commercial pilot license theoretical components. Each exam will be booked
individually with CASA and all students are required to pass these exams.
1. Basic Aeronautical Knowledge Exam
2. Pre-solo, Pre-area Solo, Aircraft Engineering Tests
3. CPL Navigation Exam (CNAV)
4. CPL Meteorology Exam (CMET)
5. CPL Human Factors Exam (CHUF)
6. CPL Flight Rules & Air Law Exam (CLWA)
7. CPL Aerodynamics Exam (CADA)
8. CPL Aircraft General Knowledge Exam (CSYA)
9. CPL Operation, Performance & Flight Planning Exam (CFPA)

Stage Three: Flight training with APTA

1. Flight training in a single piston engine aircraft
2. Simulation and basic instrument training on an approved Flight simulator
3. Commercial Pilot Flight test
4. Flight training in a multi-engine
5. Simulation and advance instrument training on an approved Flight simulator


Our training program will cover the following flight training syllabus to meet the DGCA’s CPL requirements
1. 50 hours Cross-country flights
2. Three Cross-country flights
a. 300NM with two full stop landings
b. 250NM with one full stop landing
c. 120NM by night while returning to point of departure without landing
3. 5 hours Night Flying as PIC with a minimum of 10 take-offs and 10 landings
4. 40 hours of Instrument time (Min. 20Hrs on aircraft + 20Hrs on sim) and with at least
5 hours instrument time on actual aircraft
5. 15 hours on multi-engine aircraft including flight test for the multi-engine endorsement

Stage Four: Conversion to DGCA License
Upon their return to India, typically they’ll have to do the following flights with Pioneer
Flying Academy Private Limited
a. 1 X City 120NM
b. 1 X City 250 NM
c. GFT Day
d. GFT Night
PS: Total number of flying hours required for conversion will vary from student to
student depending on their date of last flying and total no: of flying hours in the last 6
Students can finish this requirement within 15 days upon their return and reporting to our
partner academy in India and submit their papers for conversion to obtain an Indian DGCA
Commercial Pilot License
1. Each applicant must meet CASA’s requirements to obtain a licence
2. The hours allocated is the minimum number of hours required, it may vary based on
cadet’s performance
3. The duration of the course could vary from 18 to 24 months (subject to weather,
applicant’s performance in CPL theory exam, flight tests and CASA processing time)
AVI50219 – Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence – Aeroplane)
The cost of CASA CPL + DGCA’s CPL requirements flight training at APTA is AUD $75,000*
(Seventy-Five Thousand Australian Dollars) paid to Australian Pilot Training Alliance
* CASA application(s) fees, exam(s) fees, repeated flight lesson(s), flight test(s) fees,
headset(s), logbook(s), medical application(s) fees, navigation tool(s), uniform clothing and
accessories, flight bag(s), Oversees Student Health Cover, Accommodation, Transport, living
expenses, Airport Transfer are not included in the total cost. Please note, any item unless
explicitly mentioned in this brochure are not included in the course fees.
1. Admission fees INR 75,000 (Including FRTOL & SPL fees)
2. Ground Classes INR 1,75,000 (Composite & Regulation)
3. Flying Rates Approximately INR 16,000 Per Hour
4. Night flying charges INR 3,000 Per Hour
5. CFI Fees (Check Ride) INR 5000 Per Check



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