Instrument Rating (IR)

The Multi Engine Aeroplane Instrument Rating (MEA-IR) allows you to fly in cloud during the day or night. The rating takes a minimum of 40 hours. This is made up of approximately 20 hours on the flight simulator and 20 hours of flight training covering such things as navigational aid tracking, instrument approach and landing procedures, departure procedures and emergency procedures.

The initial part of your training will be completed on the Elite Simulator operated by Australian Pilot Training Alliance. This simulator is one of the most advance simulators operated by any flying school in Australia.
The flight training starts off with simple instrument flying and tracking using navigation aids. Once you have achieved competency for the initial instrument and navigation sections of your training, you will be gradually introduced to instrument approaches. These are the most important parts of the Instrument Rating and will take the longest time to master.
After you have achieved the required standard for instrument approaches, you will progress to the cross-country section of the training, which includes a series of navigational exercises. After completing all syllabus requirements, you will be given a pre-rating test prior to the Instrument Rating test. This will give you an idea of how the actual test will be conducted and allow extra time to brush up.
Before beginning the flight test, you must pass an oral exam and the Instrument Rating Theory Exam (IREX). The theory element of your course can be integrated with your flying training whether through self-study or by attending an Australian Pilot Training Alliance.
The flight test lasts for about 3 hours and covers everything in the syllabus. After you have successfully completed the IR flight test you will be able to fly with passengers in instrument meteorological conditions – that is, in cloud.

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