Night Visual Flight Rules Rating (NVFR)

The Night Visual Flight Rules Rating (NVFR) allows a pilot with a Private Licence or above to fly anywhere in Australian airspace at night under the Visual Flight Rules.

This is a handy add-on to your licence if you want flexibility when planning a long flight that may end after dark. There is enough instrument training to enable you to safely handle the aircraft when outside visual cues are minimal and to be able to navigate accurately using navigational aids on the ground and in the aircraft.
Night training around the aerodrome circuit is also an important part of your training and involves approximately 3 hours flying. During this time you will be introduced to the various types of approaches and landings as well as some emergency situations. After the circuit training, you will work through some navigational exercises that involve short trips similar to a day time trip, but at night under the Night Visual Flight Rules. The number of navigational exercises you will need to complete will depend upon your progress.
An integral part of the Night VFR training is training on the flight simulator. This is where you develop skills in using the ADF and VOR which are two navigation aids that will assist with your enroute navigation. The flight test will be of approximately 3 hours duration and will involve take off and landings, navigation, utilisation of navigation aids and night time emergency procedures.
Once you have gained the Night VFR Rating, you can fly any time at night as long as you maintain your skills. Keeping your skills current requires a certain amount of flying each year. The Night Rating opens many opportunities for memorable flights, such as flights over major cities at night or watching the sunset from the air.

Night Visual Flight Rules Rating

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